The mission of ORANGE HOUSE

The mission of the Orange House Language Center is to offer high standards of teaching and learning at an affordable price. To achieve this, our program involves effective classroom learning time and serious independent work in the days between lessons.

The program of our courses is based on the material of a modern educational system, which is taught within a predetermined schedule and number of hours. The lessons are carefully prepared, the additional tasks have a clear structure and purpose, and the learning material is presented gradually, according to the level of each of the groups.

In addition to our desire to offer well-structured and well-presented material, we strive to create an enjoyable and stimulating environment for our students. We are guided by the belief that English lessons should be a pleasure rather than an unpleasant obligation.

Fun and learning are not incompatible. The more enjoyable a lesson is, the more likely students are to absorb the material, which is, of course, delivered according to best practice teaching standards.

Our additional services and activities outside the core program also contribute to the effectiveness of the learning process. Orange House teachers are available for one-to-one consultations by appointment, so students can discuss with them questions about class activities or homework, or seek advice on taking an international English exam.

Orange House organizes extracurricular activities that allow students to get to know each other and interact with their teachers outside of the classroom. Such activities also involve practicing the language in a natural environment.

We welcome all suggestions, ideas and opinions about our work. We are always interested in the opinions of our students and respond quickly to their suggestions in order to fully meet their needs and expectations.

Julian Coppens
Founder and Director of Orange House