Online training

Learning and working online is now part of our daily lives. Especially in English language education, this practice has existed for a long time.

Our online courses have the same duration and structure as face-to-face courses. First you need to take an entrance test and an interview (online) to determine the level. Lessons are held on the Zoom platform. You will receive the training materials by courier.

Begining: September 28, 2022

End: June 25, 2023

2 classes per week for 2 astronomical hours (1 hour = 60 min).

Classes are held on working days, after working hours.

Duration of courses according to level:

A1 Beginner – one academic term (three months)

A2 Elementary – two academic terms (six months)

B1a (Pre-Intermediate) – three academic terms (nine months)

B1b (Intermediate)– three academic terms (nine months)

B2 (Upper-Intermediate)– three academic terms (nine months)

C1 (Advanced)– three academic terms (nine months)

1st fee term

410.00 лв.

2nd fee term

410.00 лв.

3rd fee term

410.00 лв.

*The price does not include the cost of the textbook and study notebook.